Crys Sherman is the author of Discovering Sunshine – a poetry book with writings about mental illness, drug abuse, and dealings in love.

She is currently working on her second book while enjoying a career in electrical engineering design and going to school.

Crys lives in Maryland, USA with her partner, two cats, and a parakeet. She has been writing for over 12 years and hopes to continue sharing her work with people who have dealt with similar experiences.

Discovering Sunshine
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  • Body Image

    “Body Image”

    There is shame in this body
    Which is held in these hands
    Fingers travel across mounds of flesh
    And wish to feel bone instead

    Long limbs filled with fatness
    Short torso overflowing
    Hatred for the thick, full body formed
    Around thin, fragile bones

    Fear of being unloved as a whole
    Of being pushed aside as ugly
    Beauty within but unseen by self
    The mirror’s reflection a burden

  • Canvas


    My soul

    is an empty canvas

    waiting to be filled with color

  • Schematics


    I have a need to re-draw the schematics of my brain
    And remove the mental instability
    So I can feel like I am whole for once

    Rewire everything
    To go where it’s supposed to
    And feel normal in this ever-aching body