Twin Flame

“Twin Flame”

i have spent my entire life looking over my shoulder.
waiting for the sharp stab of a knife in the back.
waiting for the tight grip of a hand on my waist that refuses to let go.
scared to let people close.
scared of voices spoken too loud, of words spoken too harshly.
but i am not afraid of you.
the fear in my eyes is reflected back when i look at you.
you offer deeply hidden parts, quiet and soft
and i feel the held breath
the shaking hands
the tensed shoulders
that have haunted me for years.
for the first time, i’m understood without judgement.
we know what it’s like to fear betrayal and rejection.
we are the same; broken, hurt, paranoid of the world around us.
twin flames surrounded by harsh winds and heavy rain.
protecting each other as best we can
and hoping beyond hope we aren’t the reason the other falls.

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