Dreaming of You

“Dreaming of You”

sometimes I see you in my dreams and we are laughing together softly at something I could not quite make out. sometimes I remember that you are no longer here with me and I wish I could make the dreams longer. sometimes in these dreams you are crying over a person that never deserved you and I am trying my best to comfort you, but I never do quite get that part right. sometimes I realize I am dreaming and I try my hardest to show you the world how I see it. sometimes you laugh at this and tell me the world is a much crueler place than I think. sometimes you tell me the beauty in the world is stolen away by madness and lies.

sometimes when I am dreaming of you, I remember you are gone and I am still here. sometimes I realize you must have been right.

sometimes this cruel world takes the beautiful things away from us.

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