Harsh Hands

“Harsh Hands”

Please be patient with me
I am not afraid of you
I’m frightened of hands
Of clenched fists in the night
Hands that grab and rip and tear until I am broken down
People that take all they can carry in rough, calloused hands
Yet still demand more of me

Your hands are always so soft, so gentle
And I think that scares me worse
When I know that gentle hands can turn harsh
And harsh hands hurt



I am a collection of secrets locked up tight
With no keys or opening to be seen
I am breaking everyone down around me
Because I am too afraid to show myself
Or the person I have become
To people that look up to me
And don’t know what I’ve done
Trust is such a broken thing
When it belongs to only them
Will I ever choose to open up
And let these people in
Can I have the closeness of love
If I’m not hiding who I am
I am torn apart by questions
I no longer understand
I need my mind to quiet down
So I can breathe again