Body Image

“Body Image” There is shame in this bodyWhich is held in these handsFingers travel across mounds of fleshAnd wish to feel bone instead Long limbs filled with fatnessShort torso overflowingHatred for the thick, full body formedAround thin, fragile bones Fear of being unloved as a wholeOf being pushed aside as uglyBeauty within but unseen byContinue reading “Body Image”

“Quiet” – An excerpt from Discovering Sunshine

Quiet each night that i lie in bedthere is a split-hair moment whenracing thoughts finally leave my head a moment to catch my breathand feel my body relaxwithout the anxious fear of death no regrets to gnaw at my skinno fluttering heart in my chestno worries of my committed sins where usually there would beContinue reading ““Quiet” – An excerpt from Discovering Sunshine”