Dreaming of You

“Dreaming of You” sometimes I see you in my dreams and we are laughing together softly at something I could not quite make out. sometimes I remember that you are no longer here with me and I wish I could make the dreams longer. sometimes in these dreams you are crying over a person thatContinue reading “Dreaming of You”

Twin Flame

“Twin Flame” i have spent my entire life looking over my shoulder.waiting for the sharp stab of a knife in the back.waiting for the tight grip of a hand on my waist that refuses to let go.scared to let people close.scared of voices spoken too loud, of words spoken too harshly.but i am not afraidContinue reading “Twin Flame”

A Silent Universe – An Excerpt From Discovering Sunshine

“a silent universe” my lungs have screamed a million timesair escaping in a desperate cry for help my hands have grasped at straws in the darkclung to every inch of loose sanity they could find my legs have run from strangers, run from demonsrun from the pain inside my own chest and hoped for escapeContinue reading “A Silent Universe – An Excerpt From Discovering Sunshine”