Blushing in Softness – An Excerpt from Discovering Sunshine

Discovering Sunshine can be found HERE on Kickstarter.

“Blushing in Softness”

i have never felt more beautiful
than when your hands caress my skin
when you tell me you love the softness
that graces your lips upon kissing
sharp collarbones and shoulder blades
i become quiet shyness and sweetness
when you are whispering to me
small promises of love in my ears
wishes of want against my breast
lustful pleads against my thighs
need spreads over this body
up long legs, across soft stomach
gripping tender neck, burning smiling cheeks
soft hands cling to anything in reach
as your love blankets me
to help us forget the harshness of life
in exchange for the softness of a blush

Discovering Sunshine – Poetry Book Kickstarter is Live!!

The kickstarter for Discovering Sunshine (a poetry book by Crys Sherman) is now live and running with a goal of $1,000 over the next 60 days!

The campaign can be found here.

My name is Crys and I have been writing for about 15 years now. I decided to embrace my creativity and finally publish it all after encouragement from friends.

Discovering Sunshine is a 70+ page book of poetry, ramblings, and short-story-esque writings about mental illness, love, abuse, addiction, and more. This book promises to touch on subjects close to the heart and ones we sometimes wish weren’t so near.

A Silent Universe – An Excerpt From Discovering Sunshine

“a silent universe”

my lungs have screamed a million times
air escaping in a desperate cry for help

my hands have grasped at straws in the dark
clung to every inch of loose sanity they could find

my legs have run from strangers, run from demons
run from the pain inside my own chest and hoped for escape

my heart has ached for a girl who only wanted answers
for a teenager begging for someone to show her how to heal herself

and when my lungs gasped for air, when my arms reached out desperately
when my legs collapsed in pain, when my soul shattered and cried out into the night

the universe answered with silence; a destructive noise that broke me down and re-birthed me